Experience the worlds of the varied anthologies where our stories have been part of the collection.  If you’ve already read one of our stories, you’re likely to enjoy other stories on the same theme. And if you haven’t read that particular short story, there’s a new adventure waiting for you!

Modern Magic

Twelve Tales of Urban Fantasy 12 complete book-length works by masters of dark urban fantasy … a walk on the wild side, into the shadows, where things go bump in the night and the hour of the wolf never ends. Featuring NY Times Best-Sellers, USA Today Best-Sellers, Bram Stoker Award Winners, Nominees, and Amazon Best-Sellers like Christopher Golden, Rick Gaultieri, Jennifer St. Giles, Julie Kenner and Gail Z. Martin! You don’t even have to sell your soul to get this […]

Big Bad II

Everybody loves the bad guys, and this second edition of The Big Bad brings you more to love! A collection of best-selling fantasy and horror writers brings you twenty-four all-new tales of vampires, demons, ghosts, zombies, and the most terrifying monsters of all – humans. Crack open the pages, if you dare, and explore two dozen tales of humor and horror by some of the brightest names in the business!

Contact Light

Space anthology from Silence in the Library. Edited by Megan Chee and Ron Garner. Illustrated by Dawn Murphy. With stories by: Gail Z. Martin, Larry N. Martin, Michael A. Stackpole, Nanci Schwartz, Maggie Allen, Bryan Young, Jean Gilbert, Tanya Spackman, M. Darusha Wehm, Janine K. Spendlove, E.C. Myers, and Timothy Zahn Features our story ‘Rum Row’

The Side of Good / The Side of Evil

Everyone loves a hero…but sometimes we can’t help but root for the villain… Indulge both impulses with this nostalgic flipbook anthology—The Side of Good / The Side of Evil. After all, everyone is the hero of their own story and sometimes a change in perspective can make a world of difference. Superheroes inspire us to be more than we can be, and on the flip side, Supervillains are reminders of the potential for darkness within us all. The Side of […]

Cinched – Imagination Unbound

The corset. Rarely has any garment held such allure, such mystery, so attraction for men and women alike. From a simple foundation garment to a fashion statement all its own, the corset has held the imagination for centuries. This collection of stories from some of the brightest fantasy writers in the world run the gamut from steampunk to horror, from steamy romance to weird western, from victorian thriller to contemporary bondage. But they all feature one thing in common – […]

The Weird Wild West

Why the Weird Wild West? The untamed frontier is a challenge, a test of character, a proving ground for the soul. It’s a place where pioneers rewrite their future, or end their days…for better or worse. In the spirit of Bret Maverick, Cat Ballou, Kwai Chang Caine, and James West, The Weird Wild West blends western grit with the magical and mysterious unknown that waits beyond the next horizon. by Misty Massey(Editor), Emily Lavin Leverett (Editor), Margaret S. McGraw (Editor), Gail Z. Martin (Contributor), […]

Alien Artifacts

Alien Artifacts: Life is out there. Alien civilizations have grown and died and been reborn again since the dawn of the universe. Some of those civilizations have left behind signs of their existence, hidden in the ruins on unexplored planets or floating in space in the form of ghost ships. In this anthology, 14 of today’s best short story writers tackle what could happen if, in our exploration of space, we run across some of these ancient alien artifacts. Will they catapult humanity to […]

Gaslight & Grimm: Steampunk Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Time, ageless tales were told from one generation to the next, filled with both wonders and warnings. Tales of handsome princes and wicked queens, of good-hearted folk and evil stepmothers. Tales of danger and caution and magic…classics that still echo in our hearts and memories even to this day, told from old, cherished books or from memory at Grandma’s knee. Oh yes, tales have been told…but never quite like these. Journey with us through the pages of […]

Unlikely Heroes

A Short Story Collection A collection of tales from three Unlikely Heroes: The Breaking Point, A mother has one of the worst days ever as everything seems to go against her until she finally snaps and takes charge. In Windows on the Soul you meet an unusual super hero, they call her in when they want to minimize collateral damage. She’s not showy and won’t be on the evening news but she’s the one the other super heroes fear and […]

With Great Power

Anthology from Dark Quest Books, exploring a variety of superhero stories. Includes my short story Windows on the Soul.  


A superhero anthology with heroes who are diverse in every way possible! You can pre-order paperback or ebook now from Silence in The Library Publishing.

Realms of Imagination: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

Published by Dark Oak Books with my Deadly Curiosities short story, The Restless Dead.

Dance Like a Monkey

Dance Like a Monkey is an anthology of fantasy stories created by the friends of author CJ Henderson for the purpose of helping him pay medical bills related to his cancer treatment. All of the authors, artists, publishers, graphic designers, and other professionals involved in this project are assigning what would be our portions of this anthology to that grant. Those professionals include authors like Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta,Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jack Dann, Ed Greenwood, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Holder,Tanya Huff, Gail Z. Martin, Jean Rabe, Mike Resnik, Janine K. […]

Icarus: The Graphic Novel

An original graphic novel from Gregory Wilson and Matt Slay about a being who falls from the sky to save a world from tyranny. I was a stretch goal author so my story is in Greg’s world and illustrated by LucasArts artist Joe Corroney. Coming Soon from Silence in the Library Publishing.

Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens

by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization. Inspired by the classic science fiction adventure tales of the nineteenth century, leading fantasy and science fiction authors bring us tales of first contact with a twist, as steam power meets laser cannons… and dirigibles face off against flying saucers. Edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, it includes short stories by: Ian Tregillis, Leah […]

Athena’s Daughters

Athena’s Daughters is a project conceived, developed, and driven by women. All of the authors in this anthology are women, as are the artists, the graphic designer, and the editor. In this anthology you will find authors you know and love like Mary Robinette Kowal, Gail Z. Martin, Cleolinda Jones, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jean Rabe, Sherwood Smith, Janine K. Spendlove, Vicki Johnson-Steger, Cynthia Ward, and Jean Marie Ward and new and exciting talents like Maggie Allen, Conley Lyons, Doris Stever, and C.A. (Christine) Verstraete. We’re incredibly excited […]

Spells and Swashbucklers

Magic, monsters, mayhem… AND PIRATES! The moon is full, floating above the black ocean waters. The night is quiet — until a shot is fired across the bow of your ship, and the dreaded cry goes up from all quarters — “Pirates!” This book is packed with 15 more tales of swashbuckling, derring-do and magic on the high seas. Following the wonderful Rum and Runestones, this second pirate anthology from Dragon Moon Press brings back several authors and introduces some […]

Rum and Runestones

We are, we are Pirates! Pirates and magic. Tall ships and dark rum intermingle with spells and romance in this collection of short stories of nautical derring-do guaranteed to send chills and thrills down your spine. Join the crew, and push off to worlds unknown. Just be warned… thar be pirates in them thar waters. With tales by: Gail Z. Martin * BA Collins * Danny Birt * James R. Stratton * Laurel Anne Hill * MJ Blehart * Tera […]

The Bitten Word

From slick urban terror to murder in the streets of old London town, from the horror awaiting a doomed archaeological expedition to Vampirism in a society of sentient insects, from fey children to blighted houses, from besotted artists to mysterious goings-on during Bram Stoker’s theatrical days… A brand new collection of seventeen original stories detailing vampiric horror, murder and mystery; Vampires as you’ve never seen them before. Includes stories by Kelley Armstrong, Tanith Lee, Storm Constantine, Freda Warrington, Gail Z […]

The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women

25 chilling short stories by outstanding female writers.Women have always written exceptional stories of horror and the supernatural. This anthology aims to showcase the very best of these, from Amelia B. Edwards’s ‘The Phantom Coach’, published in 1864, through past luminaries such as Edith Wharton and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, to modern talents including Muriel Gray, Sarah Pinborough and Lilith Saintcrow.From tales of ghostly children to visitations by departed loved ones, and from heart-rending stories to the profoundly unsettling depiction of […]

Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane

They gather in darkness, sharing ancient and arcane knowledge as they manipulate the very matter of reality itself. Spells and conjuration; legerdemain and prestidigitation – these are the mistresses and masters of the esoteric arts. From the otherworldly visions of Conan Doyle’s father in Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘The Wrong Fairy’ to the diabolical political machinations of Dan Abnett’s ‘Party Tricks’, here you will find a spell for every occasion. Jonathan Oliver, critically acclaimed editor of The End of The Line and […]